Zero cost formula – the ultimate investment solutions

Zero cost formula – the ultimate investment solutions
There are many people like me who don’t want to spend even a single penny and have dreams to earn millions, all the people, you have come to the right place to enjoy what you really deserve.
Before writing this blog I decided to make an e-book for my zero cost formula but for your convenience I decided to make a blog then.
Zero cost formula include some methods to earn money free of cost, it looks virtual but it is real you won’t have to spend any thing I promise and to make you sure page down this page and see at the end that there is no shopping cart at the end to charge you anything.
If you are wondering that why I am telling you all this, include a lot of reasons behind.
1.    I am following “be honest to others, at the end you will be honored .
2.    I faced a lot of investment problems at the beginning so I don’t want you to face the same.
3.    How do I earn, all the packages I will describe include referral links which make me some money to live.  nothing serious and I don’t depend only on this at all.
Now the description of what I am offering.
•    PTC sites
•    networking
•    work to earn
•    laptop
•    5 sec thing

Here are some PTC sites which is personally think are better then others.
PTC sites are a sort of sites which charge the people who want to advertise and pay you to visit there site with a less profit margin.
Suppose “A” wants to advertise at, will register you for free and will offer you some percentage of what they charge form “A” to visit his site, it will benefit all of them, “A” will have more visitors, and you will have revenue.
Here are some sites you can depend upon.

There are many networking sites which offer some points to make any activity and you can redeem points in alternative of some prizes.
One of them is Be Social Get Points at!
Socints is a site which offer you cash and other stuff like ipod.
I think it take 5 mins to earn 50 points each day so you can login for 5 minutes and do some activity and then just refer to others and get points
Be Social Get Points at!
Work to earn
If you can work a little then this is the right place, is the site which offers you to work a little for them and gives you the instant reward, like to become a fan of any body on face book they will reward you 0.10 $ and the jobs vary form 0.10$ to 1.75$ this is the real site and really pay you and the minimum limit is 0.10$ so you don’t have to worry login and enjoy

This site is similar as PTC sites, this site also offers you to visit newsletters and advertisement but the different thing is that, they offer laptops instead of cash.

free laptop

5 sec thing:
A friend of mine told me about this site, when I first heard of it I was shocked, ohh just five sec a day, but it really is, you just have to bump up 5 sites each day, refer others and earn money
Get Paid for Bumping sites at!