rank your blog or website with your own hard work (sime tips)

Suppose you have bought a new place in some new area where no one knows you.
What will you do to make your self reputable, now with this easy example I will show you how to be reputable.
You will make good relationships with your neighbors; neighbors here are the competitor websites, so always behave well with the competitor sites so to make your site reputable.

At the initial stages of the blogging period, visit other relative sites and if you like any thing form other site mention it in yours, be honest don’t expect back links ever, tell them in contact that you have a blog relative to their content and their content helped you a lot and tell them in their comments panel that’s you have linked to them, like if you liked mine you could link my blog to yours and tell me and I hope you will. By the way then the blogger will read your comment and will obviously see weather you linked or not and if he likes your stuff and thinks and you also have good stuff he would tell his viewers to biew yours.
Be honest by the way there is no hard and fast rule so be relax and wait for your success.

Article advertising has become a major part in the advertisement of a website or blog, there are many page rank 7 websites with cool articles , one of them is ezinarticles.com , now I tell you the main theme to tackle.
•    Write a quality article for your blog, I repeat for your blog it should be at least 1000 words or more.
•    Make it in parts, i-e  suppose this is the article I want to publish
“tennis is a very exciting game with a lot of benefits I will describe 20 points which will prove
tennis the best game of the world that are

20. as you write make first 5 points another portion and then write another article with those five points and at the last, write read more at http://yourblog.yourblog.com this will attract the reader to read all the 20 points. I hope you would have understood this.
•    Take the same article and alter some of the words from it so it can not be detected by copyscape it will be more easier for you to do this for your own article and submit it in the different article directiories given below.

Videos have become a major source of traffic for bloggers and as well as webmasters, make videos of the relevant topic and upload them to different video uploading directories such as youtube.com ,
You can personally interact with the viewers in your video or practically guide them for the thing you are explaining. Here are some video uploading sites if some worth
1.    ClipShack – Upload limit is 100 MB per member.
2.    EyeSpot – 25MB filesize limit.
3.    Flurl.com
4.    Google Video – Unlimited number of uploads. NO size or length limitations.
5.    Putfile.com – Unlimited number of videos, up to 25MB in size.
6.    Daily Motion Upload limit is 150 MB.
7.    MySpace Videos Upload limit is 100 MB.
8.    Vimeo Weekly limit of 20 MB.
9.    YouTube.com – Maximum 100MB and 10 minutes in length per video. Unlimited uploads.
10.    MetaCafe – Storage limit 100MB.

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