Blog optimization

Tips to make blog optimized

Wait I want to tell you that please don’t think this is an ordinary guide I know that you know about meta tags, submissions and similar stuff I would definitely tell you something more.

First of all I want you to be aware of the fake paid submitters who claim to submit your site to 3000 or more sites.
First of all there are handful search engines which are of any worth, there is no use to submit to a search engine who give to 1 or 2 clicks a week.
Google, yahoo, all the web, AltaVista, bing, msn search are enough if you get indexed there. Ok now I will tell you some important steps to get indexed
They are

1. Meta tags
2. Organization of html
3. Valid content
4. Complete package
5. Submission

Meta tags:
Meta tags are the codes used to regulate the spiders of search engines to know what actually your website has in it, and of course you want to tell them
There are many meta tag creators, now this is the information everyone is going to tell you what’s new here,
There are different places where different people place the tags but the right place to place tags are just under the tag, if you place it before tag don’t get indexed early.
Meta tags include
Keywords: key word are the words or phrases that you think people can write to find you.
Description: after finding your URL description is the only attraction through which you can catch the user.
Copyright: you can tell spiders that’s its your own copyright creation.
Direction to spiders: you can also direct spiders to follow or not.
Important trick:
When deciding the name of the blog consider that your domain name is your biggest keyword.
Suppose your domain name is ‘how to play tennis’ that will be or simply then when any body searches the phrase ‘how to play tennis’ your domain will be at the top.
That will be your biggest weapon.
Keywords are the most difficult part of website to work out for,
Please let me make it a little easy
How to choose a keyword
Lets say you have a website on “free software”
If you think you think you can compete the keyword “free software” then you are literally dreaming
There are giant websites standing in your way your site is a mini creature
now “free software” is not the only keyword you can use
suppose someone try : “free computer enhancing utility” it has 5710000 search results
but “free software” has 135000000 search results almost 2500% more than the above so what would be better for the beginner.
And don’t worry at all there are millions of people who try to search something different than the typical, try some keyword searches and note down some of the searches you think you might compete
And always keep a note book with you to note down what you are going to do in future.
Please don’t expect any keyword suggest software to help you
They are just nothing.
Try to be your own software.
After fixing the keyword problem here comes the another one.
Suppose you are reading a news paper, you are attracted by an ad and you even buy the product that’s is advertised in that ad. Why? The only thing attracted you was the description.
Same in the case of a web site search, after typing the keyword, the user only sees the description so always try to make it as it’s the only thing which attracts the user.
How to organize html:
Html should be in proper form to help search engine spiders to crawl easily, and both use html coding because it is easy and convenient. Html should be in the following manners.

Valid content:
Your content must be 100% original , there is no rule of 70% originality, if you are inspired of any article then rewrite it into your wording, search engine spiders are very against copy technique so please write original content.
There are many softwares which are used to check the copied material, google spiders use 40 character software, it means if there are consistently 60 characters copied than it is considers as copied, these are not words ,
I show you an example the sentence you are reading now is of 75 characters.
Complete your package first:
Keep your first priority to complete your blog then submit it if you have any under construction pages then it may create bad reputation.
Submission can be of different types here we are only discussing the importance read Submission – the whole story for all the submission technique.
Submission can be automatic or manual
Automatic submissions are very easy to perform andcan save a lot of time, you can submit to a lot of search engines automatically
Manual submissions are practically very time consuming and difficult but they are a lot more effective and useful.
And specially yahoo only allows to submit manually there is no automatic submission in yahoo.