Add page element between hearder and post.

When go try to edit your template’s layout, you would have noticed that you can add page elements to the footer and the side bar. There is no option to add any element in the header tag.

The reason behind this is that, originally has set the page elements of header to none, in this article you will learn how to make page elements enabled, which is very useful indeed.


Go to your blogs editorial page and click layout, then click “edit HTML” you will see these lines near the top.

Change them to

Right after this you will see

Change it to

This setting will let you add 2 more page can increase bu increasing the number.

Now you will see


1.     In different templates, their can be a little different wordings for “header-wrapper”

2. i realized that in some templates like the Dots Template, there is no separate header, try main-wrapper or main-wrap.

Additional package:

if you want an additional page element between header and the and the blog post to place ads then change the coding to

Then you will see