I don’t like Fanta, A new SEO marketing perspective

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to harm any image of Fanta. I have actually admired the Fanta brand and told people how there are different thoughts of people)

The reason why I choose this type of title is to make you people feel the same thing I felt and learned about marketing. During my master’s in business administration, I was told to look for a target market first and then try to create products, instead of making products first and then jumping around to find buyers. (Note: exceptions are always there).

As you might know that coca cola was an accidental product and was initially made individually, each glass was carbonized in front of the customer. By the way this was just for the interest developing part.


Coca cola was already world famous at that time, when the world war two came into place. Now there start a new revolution. This war made it difficult for coca cola to deliver it in Germany. So they started to search for the alternative to “REACH OUT” the customers. They decided to make a drink whose ingredients were already present in Germany. A fraction of people like me tried it and rejected the product saying, who will like this? I DON’T LIKE FANTA.

The upper paragraph is the new perspective. At that time those people were thinking as self-centered marketers who knew nothing about what marketing was actually about. Coca cola on the other hand did research and found out that percentage of people like this drink. This served as two main pillars. Broadening their market capture as the product range was diversified and handling the issue of German delivery.

After the acceptance of Fanta in Germany, the coca cola company, made it international. Covering new groups of potential customers and expanding the brand value.

SEO marketing

What we need to learn from this is:

Blogging, website or any other business needs to have products for the public not you.

If you don’t like to make a podcast does not mean that people don’t want to listen to them

Diversification for good is always fruitful

Let me explain with example, you might have a very good blog post, very useful content, but there are different was to expose your blog post.

Convert it to an audio file, make a video, and make a presentation or PDF. Ways are unlimited but you need to broaden your spectrum.

If coca cola wouldn’t have tried Fanta it would have missed a huge space. It’s not always about your choice. It’s about your customers, readers, visitors.

I always asked myself, who would be interested to read your blog post in presentation form and here is the answer, slideshare has an alexa ranking of 144 and this means it is getting millions of views every month.

Don’t stop yourself just because you don’t like or you don’t want to do certain thing. Be brave to try new things, you would only know it after you try it.

Recently I heard about Gender disappointment and thought to write about it just because mothers are really into this topic. Why? because people want to hear it from me.

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