How to respond to success

Success might come to you unexpectedly or may be expectedly. But how to respond to this situation? How to handle it, is the question. For the people who don’t believe in luck, might not like this article.

Some people are unable to accept the success and this leads to failure then. You might face success in different forms like a promotion, an incentive or an appraisal or a business expansion.


First of all success is the result of something you do either seeking for the success or just doing your job. The real difference is fate. God. Luck.

Confused? Let me clarify. I just got a promotion to a duty manager, when my duty manager was promoted to a bigger place. You might have got a success in your business because your competitor’s product has some flaw. But this article tries to focus on how to respond to this thing.

How to handle success:

Consider is a temporary period:

When you accept the success as something permanent or something lifelong you lose its value and here is when you start losing it. Just assume it as a temporary period and you will always feel its importance the way you are supposed to feel.

You are not the only one who let it happen:

There are many people involved behind it, who supported you, who trusted you (and for the believers, Allah, who gave you the capability to find success. So never try to take the credit for everything. This will lead to over confidence.

Wear the shoes of failure:

Try to look your past, observe it. There was a time you were struggling. May be trying. So help those who are trying now and if possible, give them chances.

Be thankful:

It’s the secret recipe of happiness. Be thankful. Try after 1 week only and you will see how your behavior is transformed.


At the end. Enjoy your success.

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