How to keep others happy by listening to them

I can write a series on this topic as everything needs to be explained properly, by the way let’s get started.


Listen and respond to others:

Being a good listener is a huge part of the whole “how to keep others happy” theory. If you listen and respond to others respectively it would create sense of trust and importance. When you listen to someone keeping eyes on them would first create a sense of importance and this would decrease the level of discomfort eventually.

Responding to someone is as necessary as listening to them, if you give proper notions and impressions while listening to others would make them more comfortable and hence they would like to talk with you more. This would make them happy if they are in your company.

Make a give and take series:

If you start listening to others and then express what you feel about the topic they are talking about would make them realize you are also knowledgeable but that’s not it. It would create more interest also. Giving right advice in necessary otherwise you can only express your ideas.

Make them feel valuable:

People who make others feel less valuable are not good people indeed. You will not lose anything if you just tell them that they are important to the world. You can highlight there talent or just tell them how much others love them this not only will make them happier but also their self-esteem will grow. (Try to be among those people who criticize you less and appreciate you more). People hesitate to talk to the people who start criticizing them again and again. There will be a level when they will share some stupid things they did or some disgusting stuff or some ridiculous believes they have but don’t respond negatively; actually it’s the time when they have started to TRUST you. Don’t break it. Don’t repeat those things again; don’t let them feel the odd one.

Ask them if they are unhappy:

Ask them to share if they are easy with that. Sharing with others is very much a good meditation and decreases the load from you. If they think you are the one to share, it’s good, but if they don’t consider you worthy enough then don’t worry at least you tried. Just follow the above steps and you will be soon there best buddy.


At the end, listening to others

Responding to things like smiling when there is a need and things like that make the process easy

Giving your ideas and advice is good. Let them complete and then it’s your turn.

Give them self-esteem by appreciating them more and criticizing them less

Ask them to share and be easy to be shared with

You’ll have people around you who love your company like donuts.

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