How to enjoy your life


If you remember your childhood days, what were the thoughts in your mind those days? We thought of cookies, chocolates and games nothing else bothered us. We had no interest in complicated life and its processes.

As we live our life and grow we become more concern of our surroundings and environment. We start thinking about life and death, success and failure and love and hatred. We find ourselves sinking down and down in the process of thoughts and worries.

But remember; don’t change your feelings due to the situations because they are to change every moment basically situation solely can’t trouble your thoughts but the way you look at them does.

Do you miss those care and tension free days? Just try to remember how you felt those days, how you used to view those situations.

Here is a guide to make you feel like your childhood:

Live positively:

Living positive is the first thing to be happy. Cherish each and every simple thing. Enjoy every small moment. Use smile, laughter, kiss or hug.

Laugh at and learn from your mistakes:

It might be that you remember anything like riding your bicycle for the first time. We all make mistake and learn from them why not laugh at them and loosen up your tension.

Don’t do the impossible:

Trying to please everyone is like trying to cool the sun down. It can’t be done. So don’t bother if “everyone is not happy with you. I am not saying don’t try to please but don’t be discouraged if anyone is not pleased.

Try to be the one you want:

Try to be as you like people to be with you. Try every attitude which you like. It’s the best practice you can do.

Think present:

Don’t assume that things are going to be wrong. Don’t predict you will be fired from the job. Unfortunately if that happened it was planned to be so why worry.

Listen but don’t listen:

Whenever you are condemned for something bad, you’re your past mistakes, family background or personnel characteristics listen to improve it if you can and don’t listen to be discouraged.

Keep the negative away from you:

It happens that sometimes you get upset with something, you get angry, jealous but at the same time you are draining your positive energy, your enthusiasm. So try to keep the negative things away from you it might help you go positive but will also prevent you from making wrong decisions.

Be happy.
Life is awesome

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