How to become an entrepreneur

Disappointment, dissatisfaction, guilt, frustration and displeasure, most of the people in the world have these feelings. Why, because of what they are doing for living and how they are leading their lives.

If you want to really change your life then this might be a start. See, things won’t turn to 180 degree over night or chances are you won’t succeed for the first time but you must strive to change your life. People normally turn around to see what they can do but lose their focus or hope quite often and return to their pathetic regular life. I will soon write a post about how not to get disappointed when you decide something. So if you are on the starting line to begin the race then let’s get started.

Read the following books:

I am afraid everything has a price, this is really heart throbbing for me also but those authors need to get paid for their efforts. These 4 books (don’t get scared you will enjoy reading each and every word once you get started) are a life changing experience for everyone. You might have read any or all of them if not then they are a must read. These can be read in this sequence.

How to win friends and influence people:

Before starting to jump into the entrepreneurial world you need to know some basics of behavioral ethics. How to deal with people or how to influence people. The core purpose of reading it will be to know the dealing. You know! People have built empires just by having good links and contacts with people. By the way here is the direct link of the book through amazon. Click on the image.

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The alchemist:

A journey of a person, discovering his passion. It might be a little difficult for non-English speakers but it’s worth reading.

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Crush it:

So now you know something about ethics and something about passion it’s time to get motivated. It’s a modern book, not an eighteenth century and it’s a perfect way to get motivated. Gary, the writer, has made a great effort to make you think what you are doing.

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The four hours’ work week:

If you are motivated enough to start your own work then Tim Ferris is here to tell you how to work less and be more productive. He is young person and his writing is very impressive. Even if you don’t come to as less as 4 hours you will gain something really good. I am sure you’ll be more productive than ever. This book will even let you decide what to do.

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(These are affiliate links and they don’t effect the price.)

Watch income reports of pat Flynn

He was a jobholder until 2009 and his life change since then. He shares his income report every month. Why you need to do this is because it fuels and refuels the energy and the desire to be an entrepreneur. It’s not just the figures. I recommend this because this proves an ordinary person can do whatever he wants.

I watch this continuously to keep u my spirit. And don’t be jealous :). click here

Enter the world of interviews: is place where you can watch the interviews of all the successful people you know. Mostly internet people. And this is the place to get motivation and learning in combine. Andrew warner is the owner and also read his story.

Now do something.

You can’t drink a glass of water until you pick it up I hope you understand.




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