General anxiety disorder GAD or brain working treatment

If you or friend or family member is suffering from general anxiety disorder or your brain always remain in working condition then I am gonna tell you a very good and practically implemented self-remedy which will prove to be fruit full if you will follow.

General anxiety disorder or GAD is something in which your brain keeps on thinking something even if you don’t want to. It becomes sensitive and fearful. People suffering from this disease make their sense of imagination more strong unintentionally. Any problem looks huge and unsolvable. Fantasies are made and people try to remain there. It’s stressful and frustrating. A person might not sleep due to brain working.

Here are the treatment therapies of general anxiety disorder or GAD:

First let me explain the nervous system. Brain can be treated as separate entity and can also be fooled in many ways. This type of disorder happens when the secretions of brain become fast. We need to tell our brain to settle down or relax. As I told earlier that brain can be fooled like see the image below:


brain illusion
brain illusion

These lines are parallel but our brain is unable to understand the pattern and thinks that these are not parallel. Same is the case of this disorder; we need to order it not to think.

So RIGHT NOW. Ask your brain, stop thinking. Shake your head like you are throwing all the imaginations, worries and stresses down. Feel like you are free from these worries. You might feel good for a little time and then worries would start coming again. Now this is where you need to be strong. You need to concentrate that you are not gonna worry. And I tell you what. Just practice for a little time and you’ll start seeing the improvements.

Have a friend to share or have a dairy to write:

I am not gonna make this article long so I am compress what can be done for treatment. You need to have a friend to share your worries. Be very choosy to have a friend like this. Few characteristics are the friend should be of passive nature, should make you feel comfortable and should advice you in good ways. If you are unable to find such, no worries, have a Dairy friend. If you are not willing to write a dairy then let me convince you on this:

When you write a dairy your brain is compelled to slow down its working, parallel to the speed of your writing, this will automatically train your brain to slow down.

When you will write you will feel like you have shared this to somebody and your brain will feel relaxed.

You don’t need to save it. Write it all in the night and just burn it, the purpose is to fill out everything not to save.


The “knock it off” way:

This way has helped many people from recovering this situation. Whenever any stress, worry or thinking start coming to your mind just knock it off. Within 7 seconds you just need to throw this thought out of your mind and that’s it. Keep this practice up, you may need to knock it off several times a day but you will be able to train your brain not to think extras.

Read books:

Whatever the choice you have, just spare some time to read books, it has several advantages and one of them is it keeps your mind calm. Which is necessary in your condition?

Play puzzle games (optional):

It may have a lot of advantages but I know many of you would not have time or don’t want to plays PUZZLE GAMES.


Excursive has a lot of health and brain advantages and I can’t emphasis much about it.

Beat your brain:

See the most effective process of all this is beating your own brain and winning. See take it as a challenge and see you win or lose. Now your brain is an opponent, it wants you to worry and you don’t want that. So play with it and defeat it.


Some people have sleeping problems due to general anxiety disorder. So I will be soon writing about it too.

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  1. Writing a journal, breathing , laughing and going to drives will also helps to reduce your anxiety and recharges your mind and body.

  2. that's a wonderful post. i will really try to follow this.

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