Feel good

This topic is too vast to be explained in just one post but still I would try to manage it in a good and precise way.

To feel good you need to follow these points, these points might look small but have deep meaning so doesn’t be upset of the length of the sentence. Feel the depth.

feel good

  • Accept the reality as it can’t be changed
  • Leave the past as it can’t be reversible
  • Share with you best buddy as it will make you feel lighter
  • Write down the concerned thing and burn it. You will feel lighter
  • Don’t expect anything from any one
  • Don’t compare yourself with any body
  • Give yourself some respect. Don’t always feel guilty
  • Be brave enough to cry
  • Sleep well
  • Last but not the least, clear every mess, be it your desk, bed or your relationship be a gentle person.

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  1. This is way more helpful than annhityg else I've looked at.

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