Chris Gayle’s fastest century and what to learn about life

Today at 23 April 2013 Chris Gayle has scored a stormy 175 for 66 balls in IPL season 6. This is the fastest century ever made on any international platform. Still it can’t override ODI’s fastest century for 37 balls by boom boom Afridi.

chris gayle

Gayle had not been performing for many matches for his team and was not included in the West Indies team for some time. He had been under pressure for that also. Than now his team selectors would be thinking what they did.

There are two things which you need to learn from this

You never know what happens.

Whenever there is something pressurizing happens to you, life wants you to get ready for a big ride. I would quote my friends example for this. He says, it’s like an arrow in the bow, before its shot to the target, it is pulled back to create a pressure. So there are 2 things. It’s being pulled back. Action is being made to pull back for the reaction to be moved forward. And the second thing the pressure. If you don’t put the pressure you can’t have the speed of the arrow.

arrow and bow

So you never know what’s gonna happen in life. So you better be prepared for that. I would like to quote Tim Ferris here as he says in his book that if you decide to go out on a vocation leaving your business in someone else’s hands what worst can happen? You might lose all of your money, all of your assets might be destroyed due to earth quake and all your bank accounts might be ceased due to some reason but you can still work as a freelancer and earn to live. This is one in a billionth scenario. So go for a vocation and see what happens. So what I need you to know here is always prepare for the worst. It doesn’t mean you disgrace your spirits, it just means expect, and accept it when it happens.

Whenever life holds you back, you are supposed to move forward. You are “SUPPOSED TO”, I said. It’s up to your will. And that’s the difference between you and the arrow. You have the option not to. But you need to. You need to take that pressure, analyze it for good and wait for the right time. Life “WILL” give you chances. If you missed one, wait for the other. Be ready for something good to happen.

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