Books you need to read before you die

Reading reading books now have become obsolete after this e technology. ebooks, tablets and ebook readers  are all over. if i still see someone reading book, it looks amazing.

there are some benefits of book reading as well before i get into what books are my favorite.

  1. it helps reduce stress, using your senses of touch, vision and concentration to one place lets your brain produces less stress hormones.
  2.  it gives more knowledge, as simple as it could be, you get more knowledge  as you read good books.
  3. saves your eye sight, everybody knows the damage of rays from the screens of tablets or phones.
  4. reading books can help you sleep faster and easier.


Now lets me share what i believe are the collection of finest books of all time, those do not include any religious books but i would recommend to read those as they form our lives.

  1. how to make friends and influence people.
  2. 4 hours work week.
  3. rich dad poor dad.
  4. crush it.
  5. 7 habits of highly effective people.
  6. Steve jobs biography

For Urdu speakers if you could read the following two you guys will love those.

  1. peer e kamil
  2. mushaf

one of the finest Urdu writings


these are some of the books which lets you ignite a spark in your life and literally those books will help you in many aspects of life. happy reading.


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