5 indications that this is your passion

if you are able to recognize your passion, then you’re lucky. if you are still trying to discover then this article might help you with that. i have realized 5 things which could indicate that what you are doing is your passion or not.

3 out of those 5 indications are acceptable to trust you’re doing the right thing.

Internal satisfaction:

If you feel internet satisfaction, you do not feel “something is wrong feeling” then you are close.


for example if you are given 10 bucks month for this job and 14 for something else and you still want to do this it means this is your passion. money matters less when you have your passion in front of you.


if you are doing what you are passionate about, somehow you will start getting appraisals, motivation of what you are doing, is great and this is a big indication that it can be your passion.


when we come from office we are normally tired. if you are willing to work more then office hours or normal hours then this is something more then just a job or work or business, it can be your passion,


if you are always thinking about what you are doing and how to improve it. then it can be your passion

so if you see that 3 things are fulfilled on what you do right now it means you’ve already found your passion and for then rest, keep searching, you will certainly find one…

5 indications of your passion

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