5 awesome battery saving tips for andriod mobile

Unless you have a nokia (i am a great fan indeed) you might have thought sometime in your life that you wish to have more battery life of your smart phone. right? so lets see what are 5 awesome tips for your battery life  of a smart phone.



  1. Turn off your mobile where you have no signals: in continuous search of signals your mobile with work twice as hard as it normally does which is sufficient to drain your phones battery twice as fast so better is to turn off your mobile as your are already out of reach from people.
  2. restart your phone: if you ever see a tech savvy or a geek you might see them restarting their android mobiles as many as three times a day, but restarting your mobile every morning can drastically help you to have a fast and better performance.
  3. Don’t Sync: Normally if you see your mobiles notification bar you always have sync on and its important as well but when you need to save battery, turn it off.
  4. keep it cold: if you are planning to do gaming or watch media on your android phone then try to avoid sun heat or hot weather, it can drain faster there.
  5. Avoid animations: you might like a sun rising from the bottom of your screen in the wallpaper of your mobile every time you lighten up your screen but it comes with a cost of less battery life.


Additional tip: keep your screen brightness low and try as less taps as you can as hap tic feed back from your tap consumes battery as well.


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