3 home cleaning hacks part 2

As a part of the series of cleaning hacks for your home, presenting to you as some really awesome and creative hacks that can make your life a lot more easier.

lets get started.

collect the broken glasses: its always pain full and the worst part is you always think you left some pieces but no need to worry anymore just pick up one or two pieces of bread depending on the need, and wipe it off and you have all the glass on the bread.


soak your wet shoes: you just came of a wet ground and you wish it was a sunny day, dont worry, here is a tip that will soak all the wetness in minutes. rape some dry rice in a news paper and put it inside the shoes and hola.


Clean a fan without spreading the dust: you don’t clean off the dust of the fan winds because it always spreads al over the room. just take a pillow case, put it over the wing and wipe all the dust without spreading it in the room, 🙂


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