3 home cleaning hacks part 1

3 awesome home cleaning hacks you wish you knew earlier, i will be making loads of small posts about hacks either it be any path of life and this is the first in series. this posts cover washroom (bathroom) cleaning hacks. stay tuned.

  1. shower clog: your shower always throw less water at you and you are sick and tired of inserting needles. to to fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap it up on the shower and leave over night and enjoy clog free shower in the morning.



2. Shower tub surface cleaner: When ever you step into the tub, and you feel the Greece slippery surface and you hate that, we know this :)to remove that, take a grape fruit sprinkle salt on it and rub it over the surface of the tub and have a cleaner better tub surface.


3. Sink clog: one of the biggest issues “how to open the blockage of sink” lets get to it, put 4 tablets of alka seltzer and 1 glass of vinegar, leave it for 1 hour and pour warm water on it, and here you go with open and flawless sink.


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