3 Awesome productivity Boosters

If you want to put everything about productivity you will most likely find these points to be worth considering. Productivity has been and will remain one of the hot topics out there just because life is getting much much busier and fast. I even don’t believe how much time we had when we were kids and how much busy these kids are. Having said that, there are mainly 3 adoptions you could do to make some change in your life style and I would discuss a little also about how multi-tasking kills. I am sure you are going to see big change if you think and work on this.

Here you go;


Don’t be tangled (unproductive multi-tasking):

“The biggest opposition to productivity is the ‘unplanned multi-tasking to gain more productivity.”

Many people try to multi task to gain productivity and end up being more unproductive, the reason behind this is that, we always over estimate our power of multi-tasking skills, as I wrote in the title “don’t be tangled” we tend to confuse the path when we try to multi task, let’s say, for example when a person is handling more than one tasks at a time he would be worried about all, his brain will work about all, eventually he will try to accomplish all and he would fail to do so as he would be tangled, in short if you would like to do it fast, you need to do it single and then move on to another task. In my office there is one guy who handles more than one task and he is always worried what to do because he always start all tasks together. He ends up being late and being more confused than before.

tangled ropes

How to be tangle free in summary:

Do one thing at a time

Concentrate when you are doing

Don’t think of other tensions

Always think this is the right time to do this work, if I didn’t do today then I won’t be able to do it in the future :p

tangled nature


Kill time killers:


“You want to be productive? Kill time killers.”


Actually we love time killers, it create a feeling of relaxation inside us when we kill time for nothing. I would say “if we do what we need only then the day is too long for us”. Sure we should live our lives but when we need productivity then we need to be focused.


Biggest time killers are:

  • TV
  • Entertainment and social websites
  • Laziness

Yes laziness is also a huge time killer as it lets the process to slow down and take more time.


Who said I am against TV. Just watch your favorite program and that’s it. If we calculate the time we change the channels and wander around, it’s noticeable. Time killing means when there is no program to watch and you are still roaming around the channels to see IF there is something worth watching, that’s time killing.


Top 5 time killers are as follows and how people are spending time


RankNamePercentage of people (As of 2013 august)Time wasted
1Emails40% of people using the internet WASTE time checking emails for nothing,On average 2 hours are wasted.
2Social networking75% of people are spending their time doing this, its ranked by analyzing the ratio of what people get through as doing this at least they laugh for some time but emails are completely unproductive.On average 3 hours a day is wasted.
3Internet surfing35% of the people wander around the internet for nothing.They spend 1 to 2 hours.
4Procrastination24% of the people try to put off everything.People spend 1-2 hours doing this
5Watching TVAround 40 % people waste time watching TV and wandering through channels as I said before.People spend 3-4 hours doing this.




Set the goals and follow them:


Setting a goal in life is superb when it comes to your ambition. It helps your figure out where you are standing and what you need to do. But setting short term goals is as necessary as setting long term goals.

set a goal

How short term goals help improving productivity:


  • It lets you figure out how you are doing
  • It lets you speed up your performance
  • It helps you become more ambitious
  • It helps reducing the influence of time killers



Productivity is a mix of these ingredients, it is important to keep track of your activities and see where you are going. In this fast world we need to catch time otherwise we will be left behind by time.




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