10 Weight-volume loss tips | No exercise, no cost 100% safe

10 Weight loss tips:

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  1. Drink water 20 minutes before your meal, it will make you feel less hungry and you will eat less food. It also gives you good digestion.
  2. Eat in a small plate not a big one, this will psychologically allow your brain to think that you ate full plate even though it’s a small plate.
  3. Eat less sugar, sugar is a direct source of glucose and it is directly proportional to creating fat in your body, use natural ingredients like honey instead.
  4. Donuts, rice and brownies are a direct source of carbohydrates which is good source of glucose, due to this your body do not burn fat which is stored inside. So reduce carbs as well.
  5. Deep fried items are mines of fats, do not take deep fried, take either air fried or shallow fried.
  6. No exercise is required, but use stairs, or take your glass of water yourself. Movement of the body is very important,
  7. Mini meals, instead of 3 heavy meals, take 5 lighter meals
  8. Increase your protein intake, this will give energy to your body and also your body will have to burn your fats to have proper glucose.
  9. Sleep well, sleeping gives you proper metabolism, this looks strange but yes, deprivation of sleep makes you fat as well.
  10. Any drastic diet change can have adverse effects on your health, so not completely change your diet plan, eat whatever you desire but in proper margins.


Even if you adapt only 4 of these, you will see huge difference.


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